closing a window, opening a door

Cherry blossomsAlthough travel for business and pleasure will bring us back many times as visitors, AB and I are closing in on only two more nights in D.C. as residents. I’m a jumble of emotions but remain cool, calm, and collected on the outside as I compose this little ode during a break from work in my Georgetown office.

We made the decision to move back to Ohio primarily to be closer to family and friends. We made a fair amount of trips back to Ohio during our year here, but there was never enough time to spend with the people we love. As time went on, we both felt that tugging on our hearts every time we hopped back in the car to return to the city. Never enough time.

We were really fortunate to have so many of our family and friends come visit while we were living here, and as any of them would tell you, my love for this city is obvious and true. When we moved here, I was nervous I wouldn’t like it, but I felt really strongly that it was the right move for AB’s career and a great, courageous step to take as a couple. I was right about everything except for my fear that I wouldn’t like it here. I love D.C. in a let-me-count-the-ways sort of way.

There’s an energy in the air here that is quite unlike anything I’ve experienced, and it’s not just the horrible humidity I’ve come to loathe this past summer. Everything is always fast and spirited. Sure, fast is bad when you want slow, and sometimes spirited means mean-spirited (like the homeless man I’ve argued with on many occasions about the type of breed my dog is or angry commuters packed into stuffy metro cars), but for me, there’s such an allure about life here. There’s always something fabulous to do, and you can either walk there or get there quickly via public transit. The architecture is stunning, and the history is palpable. The food…. well, the 10 pounds I’ve gained this year speak to that *shoves broccoli into mouth and then closes office door to do sit-ups*… I kid, but seriously, the food… Also, cherry blossom season (or cherry blossom 3-4 days as it should be called) is worth all of the hype.

That being said, living in D.C. proper for a year has also made me appreciate all of the things I miss about Ohio that much more. And the list of things I miss about Ohio is probably just as long as, if not longer than, the list of things I’ll miss about D.C. with the trump card addition of living closer to family. It’s been an incredible year full of fun, new experiences, new friends, career leaps, and lots of growth as individuals and as a couple. Zero regrets.

I am so thankful that the stars have aligned, and both of our careers presented open doors and exciting new opportunities that allowed us to make the decision to move back to Ohio without reservations. We are also full of gratitude that we’re able to build a wonderful new home (and that we have amazing people in our lives willing to take us in while construction wraps up so we aren’t stuck in a hotel for five weeks). Anticipation fills my stomach with flutters when I think of getting settled into our new home and being able to entertain our family and friends again. Cooking in a real-person-sized kitchen again is also going to be a thrill. What’s better than a shared meal with your favorite people?

While I can’t wait to get back to the homeland and all of the memories and adventures that await us there behind our next door, I will take the next day or so to properly mourn this beautiful city we’re leaving behind, including our small but charming and memory-filled little apartment on Connecticut Ave. Seeing D.C. fall away in the rear-view mirror will be tough this weekend, but of course, it’s not goodbye. It’s only “see you later.” The door will always be open, but we’re closing the window because it’s time to get back to where our hearts sing the happiest songs.

If you made it to the end, thanks for enduring all of the sap! 😉


  1. I think I might have teared up a bit!!! Lovely; you never forget the place you first shared!!! Our little tiny house in Troy (which seemed huge at the time) will forever hold a place in my heart!! Have a safe trip “home”.


  2. Just read this out loud to the man while lying on the couch in the new house and missing D.C. so much! Speak the truth Sista!! 😘 Connecticut Ave will always be ours.


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