where am i?

Oh no… You clicked on “where am i?” which means you don’t know where you are. Let me help. You’re on my blog. On the internet. I wish I could be more specific regarding your actual location, but I don’t know if you’re accessing this from a laptop at home, computer at work, or mobile device.

I can be more specific about who I am and what it means to be visiting my blog. My name is Ris, and I am blogging here, at least once a week (hopefully – 2017 goal), about many things: my own life and observations, interior design inspiration and advice, and food… eating it, cooking it, looking at it, loving it. I have many interests, and I’m sure that will be evident over the course of this blog’s lifetime.

I live in Waynesville, Ohio. I grew up in a small town and lived in it for nearly all of my life. I am married to a brilliant man, I am loved by an incredible family (made up of very few people that are actually related to me), and I try with all my might to be a good friend to some of the best people that exist in this world. I have three cats named Tom, Bean, and Lucy. I have a dog named Ari. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see endless pictures of them… and food… and my home.


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