why am i here?

Check out the “where am i?” page if you don’t know where you are. If you do understand that you’re on my blog and have a little knowledge about who I am, here are a few reasons why you should stay here and read and check back weekly:

  • I make really good food. I own a lot of cookbooks and pin recipes on Pinterest, but whenever I actually follow a recipe, I almost always give it my own twist. A lot of times, I make my own concoctions without following a recipe at all. There are few things I love more than serving up huge meals and baking sinful treats for others to enjoy. When I’m cooking for just my husband and myself on weeknights, I turn super healthy ingredients into crave-worthy plates full of food. It’s not all butter and cheese all the time (although it probably should be). My recipes vary from dishes that are worth the calorie splurge to veggie-loaded meals that don’t sacrifice taste for nutritional value.
  • I love to write. Here’s an excuse to do more of it.
  • I decorate my dwelling compulsively. I’m always looking for new interior design inspiration and using it to shape my space. I’ve been humbled by compliments from friends and visitors in the past in regards to the way I’ve decorated my homes over the past couple of years. I’ve always been inspired by my godmother who is constantly rearranging her furniture and curating a beautiful collection of home decor. Her home is always impeccably designed using a combination of old and new, and it always feels authentic while at the same time looking like a masterpiece out of a magazine (but again, with authenticity). I like to post pictures of my own ideas brought to life to help inspire other people because decorating is always fun. Each new season, occasion, and vision is a reason to create.

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